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Monday, May 20, 2013

Ashes of Roses by Bourjois c1909

Ashes of Roses was a toiletry line by Bourjois launched in France in 1909 and the USA by 1913, it was introduced to England in 1923 with the formation of Bourjois Ltd. The Ashes of Roses name was based on a mauve fabric color called Ashes of Roses which was popular in the late 1800s and into the early 1900s. Other Ashes of... colors were also offered in the Victorian era.

 Ashes of Roses was created by Ernest Beaux.

Fragrance Composition:

So what did Ashes of Roses smell like? It was a blend of Marechal Niel rose, tea roses, Bulgarian red roses, and honeyed sweet briar.

The popularity of the Roses line paved the way for more lines. Each presentation used simple shapes, enhanced by coordinated paper graphics featuring a slender vase with a single flower. This design motif was typical of the Paul Iribe drawings from 1910. It is possible that these graphics may have been designed by Iribe, who worked for perfume companies such as Lubin, LT Piver, Bichara, Rosine, Lanvin and others.

Ashes of Carnations was created by perfumer Constantin Mikhailovich “Kot” Weriguine.

The Ashes of line included:
  • Ashes of Lilies c1932
  • Ashes of Violets c1913 
  • Ashes of Carnations c1932
  • Ashes of Wall Flower 
  • Ashes of Lavender c1932
  • Ashes of Roses c1909 
  • Ashes of Gardenia c1913
  • Ashes of Sandal(or Sandalwood) c1913 
  • Ashes of Heliotrope  
  • Ashes of Muguet c1913 
  • Ashes of Jasmine c1913
  • Ashes of Cyclamen c1913
  • Ashes of Chypre c1913
  • Ashes of Lilac c1932

Despite the eleven different choices of flowers , the Ashes of Roses line was the best selling of them all. In 1921, Bourjois applied for a US trademark on the Ashes of Roses logo. IN THE TRADE MARK UPON A GOLDEN BACKGROUND THE WORDS "ASHES OF ROSES" AND A VASE APPEAR IN WHITE, SAID VASE HOLDING A RED ROSE WITH GREEN LEAVES.

In 1929, a new graphic motif was designed for the "Ashes of Roses" line, which depicted a different kind of vase or basket, which featured five full roses instead of a single bloom.

Rexall Pharmacy photo from Octavian Coifan. 

Window display of Ashes of Roses c1920s, photo from worthpoint

Ashes of Roses Domino set, photo by ebay seller murrykin

These perfume lines were so successful that the Bourjois shops had their interiors and furniture decorated using the same graphics.

A special advertising chair, a rare piece of furniture from one of Bourjois' salons, used in either the Paris or London boutique. Only two chairs are still known to exist. The front of the wooden chair features a central splat decorated with a hand painted Art Deco motif of a slender vase holding a single stylized rose bloom in polychrome enamel, the background of the design is gilded. At the base of the splat, the name Bourjois and the cities Paris & London are stenciled. The top rail of the chair has a small hand painted cartouche featuring the name "Ashes of Roses", a perfume. The back of the chair has a similar hand painted design, this time, the flower is of two stylized violet blossoms and the cartouche reads "Ashes of Violets", the name of another Bourjois perfume. The chair has an applied varnish and is fitted with a leather upholstered slip seat.

The Ashes of Roses/Violettes included the following products:
  • Perfume in six sizes including miniature
  • Eau de Cologne in three sizes, and two decanter sizes 
  • Toilet Soap, 3 bars in a box 
  • Toilet Soap, 1 in a box 
  • Bath Soap, 3 bars in a box 
  • Bath Crystals in three sizes 
  • Bath Tablets in two sizes 
  • Bath Dusting Powder 
  • Talcum Powder in two sizes 
  • Sachet Powder in satin envelopes
  • Baby Powder 
  • Cold Cream
  • Night cream 
  • Vanishing Cream in two sizes 
  • Face Powder in two sizes 
  • Compact Powder in two sizes 
  • Rouge
  • Lipstick in two colors - Ashes of Roses and Rose Mandarine
  • Depilatory 
  • Cigarettes in two box sizes 
  • Perfume Cachous 
  • Smelling Salts
  • Liquid Brilliantine for the hair in Ashes of Roses or Ashes of Violets 
  • Solid Brilliantine
  • Wave Setting Lotion
  • Vanity Bag Compact Powder in gilt case with dainty puff and mirror, in two sizes 
  • Coffret with perfume, eau de cologne, lipstick and face powder

Ashes of Roses Depilatory

Shaving the underarms during the 1920s was very risky, women had to use men's razors of the special lady razors that still looked like men's big clunky razors. Many companies came out with depilatories, and Bourjois was no exception, their version was scented with Ashes of Roses perfume.

Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne came in several sizes, small flasks, medium flasks, and large flask. It also came in two different economy sized decanters.


Perfume came in six different sizes.

The perfume bottle stands 3" tall and the powder box measures 2 7/8" in diameter and 1 1/14" tall. Photo by ebay seller manysmiles.


The bottle below was the Deluxe version made by both Baccarat and St Louis Glassworks. This bottle was originally used for the Bourjois perfume Miss Kate and is the precursor to the famous Shalimar bottle used by Guerlain. The bottle stands about 4.5" tall including the urn shaped black glass stopper.

Face Powder

Face Powder came in two sizes, also in compacts too.

Bath Crystals & Tablets

Bath Salt Tablets were available in two sizes, a small container of six or large container of twelve in Ashes of Roses or Ashes of Violets scent. Bath salt crystals were available in two sizes, large and small. Luxury bath crystals could be has in small or large fancy opal glass jars. All in Ashes of Roses, Ashes of Violets and Ashes of Carnations fragrances.

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder came in two sizes. 

Vanishing Cream & Night Cream

Vanishing Cream was an all purpose cream that was supposed to fade dark spots, blemishes, remove black heads and pimples, and help prevent sunburn.You were supposed to apply it before your face powder in the morning before going outside. Night Cream was to be applied before retiring for bed.

Ashes of Roses & Violets Cigarettes

Made with the finest Virginia tobacco and scented with Ashes of Roses or Ashes of Violets fragrances. The feminine cigarettes came in boxes of 12 and 25. Each was emblazoned with the Ashes of Roses flower vase motif and gold tips.

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  1. My mother used to talk of Ashes of Roses being her first perfume as a young girl in the early 1930'stages and how lovely it was, in fact she kept a little empty bottle in her dressing table and seventy years later it still retained a hint of it's beautiful fragrance, I wonder how many of today's 'designer' perfumes will last as long?